"The Virtual Performer" joint project participated by WONG Ka Ho (SEEM, M.Phil. Year 1) and WANG Jianqing (CSE, MPhil Year 2) awarded Level 2 Prize at the Challenge Cup Competition.


The Engineering project entitled "The Virtual Performer" is one of six project selected across all disciplines to represent CUHK in the Challenge Cup Competition. The multimodal human-computer interface project has been awarded Level 2 Prize in the Challenge Cup Competition -- a biennial event with participating projects from OVER 200 universities all across China. "The Virtual Performer" is a joint entry between SEEM and CSE departments -- real-time computer speech technologies are developed by WONG Ka Ho (SEEM MPhil Year 1) supervised by Professor Helen Meng and runs in synchrony with real-time computer graphics technologies developed by WONG Jianqing (CSE MPhil Year 2) supervised by Professor Pheng Ann Heng and Professor T.T. Wong.