SEEM students triumphs in B4B Challenge 2018

Wimax, a team formed by two postgraduate students from the Department of Systems Engineering & Engineering Management — Lam Wing Yip and Wong Wai Chung, was awarded the Championship in B4B Challenge 2018 student stream — an entrepreneurship contest dedicated to identifying the most promising technological talents of Big Data and AI and matching them with mentors, amongst them Mr. Herbert Chia, notable big data guru and partner at Sequoia Capital China. Wimax based system for sports analytics. Unlike the typical, team-level modelling approach in sports outcome prediction, Wimax exploited the idea of big data and proposed a novel machine learning model that is capable of capturing player-level contributions to team-level performances. Taking care of more detailed information encoded in the data gives rise to a more accurate predictor compared to the traditional one. Wimax leveraged this predictive model to trace back the best skill sets for each player that can maximize wining probability of the next match. From a business perspective, Wimax provides tailor-made pre-game analysis reports for sports players as a service. This generates business values and opened the door for a new world of sports training. The idea of using Big Data and AI for sports training was admired by the judges, resorting to highest rating among the finalists.