Welcome and Introduction from the Chairman

Welcome to the website of the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management (SEEM) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)!

The SEEM department was established in 1991 and is the first of its kind among tertiary institutions in Hong Kong. Our programmes combine technology with management, with the mission to educate a new generation of technologically skilled and managerially adept engineers who can solve real-world problems in smart ways.

The SEEM discipline is modern – we take a systematic approach in designing and engineering systems to analyse massive amounts of data, derive intelligence from information and make evidence-based, optimized and insightful decisions. This discipline maximizes the efficiencies of human operations, minimizes wastage of resources, and enables us to respond quickly and effectively to changes and challenges. Possible applications are diverse – ranging across business, education, energy usage, environmental preservation, finance, healthcare, logistics, etc. – our imagination is the limit. These applications are vital for the future development of Hong Kong, Greater China and the world, which lead to bright job prospects for our graduates. Our alumni are pursuing careers in banking, education, financial engineering, information technologies, logistics, management, etc., in leading corporations and making significant contributions to our society.

The SEEM educational objectives are to produce graduates who have:
I.    the knowledge grounded in mathematics and computing to provide a solid engineering background;
II.   the ability to apply a systems (or systematized) approach to solving complex problems;

III.  the ability to think with depth (i.e. analytical thinking in specialized areas) and breadth (i.e. lateral
      thinking across areas);

IV.  the ability to work effectively in teams as a leader or member;
V.   the ability to learn independently to stay abreast of new developments; and
VI.  the realisation of the significance in upholding professional ethics at the highest standards.

The SEEM undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are led by a team of active, energetic and dynamic faculty members, many of whom are world-class researchers who are leaders in their fields. Our education and research activities are supported by state-of-the-art computing facilities. Our laboratories are the cradle of new technologies, innovative systems and smart solutions that have been adopted for use in academia, government and industry. These research outputs from our faculty and students have also won numerous international and regional awards and honours. Our department also offers numerous scholarships for our best students.

The SEEM enrichment programmes include international exchanges industrial internships and company visits. International exchanges with reputed universities around the world can broaden our students' horizons globally. Internships provide the opportunity for our students to work in professional engineering teams and solve engineering problems in the real world. These opportunities can sharpen our students' skills in applying their knowledge to practical situations, as well as communicate and collaborate effectively in a team. In addition, company visits involving exchanges with leading CEOs offer insightful information for our students.

Notable recent developements include our department's active contribution towards the University's strategic effort in establishing the Big Data Decision Analytics Research Center, with a generous donation from the Dr. Stanley Ho Medical Development Foundation.  We are embarking on data-intensive scientific research, and engage in deep collaborations across disciplines to aim for richer discoveries and faster breakthroughs.  Our effort will uphold the leadership of SEEM and CUHK in our research arena and benefit Hong Kong, Greater China and other regions.  Another impressive effort is the launch of our new stream of specialization in Service Engineering.  We are partnering with one of the industry leaders – IBM Global Business Services, to develop a new course in Technology Consulting and Analytics in Practice.  We believe this new stream will facilitate the education of graduates who are well versed in technology and management, to fulfill the high demand for talents in the service-based economy of our society.

We welcome your visit to our department's website. Please do take the time to learn about various aspects of SEEM. We also welcome your questions and suggestions. Thank you!

Helen Meng
Department of Systems Engineering & Engineering Management
Email: seem-chairman@se.cuhk.edu.hk