Knowledge Engineering Laboratory


The Knowledge Engineering (KE) Lab has dedicated research in a number of research topics covering intelligent information systems in both software and hardware. These include:

  1. Earlier work summarized in "Intelligent information systems for crime analysis "(in Applied Decision Support for Soft Computing, X.Yu and J Kacprzyk, Eds, pp. 346-363, Springer 2003)
  2. Financial econometrics in modelling intraday volatility (in Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, Vol. 21(3), pp 388-418, 2011)
  3. Three-dimensional integrated circuits (3D-IC) for dynamic programming networks (in IEEE Circuits & Systems Magazine and Transactions, 2011)
  4. More recent work in Ultra-low power system design (in IEEE Subthreshold Conference, 2012)



  • AICAMS -- Artificial Intelligence Crime Analysis and Management Systems (PI: K.P. Lam)
  • Knowledge-based Chaotic Prediction For Financial Engineering Applications (PI: K.P. Lam)
  • Applying Co-operative Information Technology To Detect Money Laundering For The Hong Kong Banking Industry (PI: K.P. Lam)
  • A Bayesian Framework For An Adaptive Text Filtering System (PI: W. Lam)
  • Development Of A System For Intelligent Personalised Content-Based Document Delivery On The Internet (PI: W. Lam)
  • A Framework For Knowledge Representation And Automated Reasoning (PI: B.T. Low)
  • Knowledge Mining From Financial News For Information Retrieval, Forecasting And Financial Modelling (PI: B.T. Low)
  • Labour Information Processing for Flexible Job Matching (PI: H. Meng)
  • Spoken Language Interface for Information Access (PI: H. Meng)


  •   Prof. LAM, Kai Pui (coordinator)
  •   Prof. LAM, Wai
  •   Prof. MENG, Mei Ling Helen