Operations Research and Management Laboratory


The OR/OM (Operations Research and Management) Lab serves as a centre for teaching as well as for basic and applied research in fields such as optimization, stochastic models, manufacturing logistics, and service operations.



In addition to many advanced workstations and personal computers, the following software tools and systems are available in the Lab:

A manpower scheduling system (REPS)
Simulators for manufacturing and service operations, (Promodel, Factor ManSim and TestSim)
A mathematical programming package (CPLEX)
Statistic packages (Minitab, and SAS)
A machine scheduling system (LEKIN)
A general purpose mathematics package (Maple)


Some of the recent research projects undertaken at the OR/OM Lab include:

  •   Berth allocation in container terminals
  •   Decision analysis and applications
  •   Dynamic systems and control
  •   Genetic algorithms
  •   Logistics and supply chain management
  •   Manpower scheduling
  •   Power systems scheduling
  •   Production planning and scheduling
  •   Simulations
  •   Stochastic control
  •   High performance interior point optimization methods



  •   Prof. CAI, Xiaoqiang
  •   Prof. CHENG, Chun Hung
  •   Prof. LEUNG, Janny M.Y.
  •   Prof. LI, Duan