J. Yu

The data available on the Web increases significantly over years and will continue to grow significantly. We consider the Web as an example of a large evolving graph, because its content and links structure dynamically change over time. Like the Web, there exist many other large graphs in real applications that change over time dynamically, for example, the social networks. In this project, we study a large evolving graph, which is a sequence of graphs, (G1, G2, G3) such as Gj evolves from Gi if Gi appears before Gj. We focus on providing new effective and efficient mechanisms for users to understand the structural perspectives and understand how these structural perspectives evolve or change over time. The importance of this project is based on the fact that users request to understand changes in terms of structural perspectives in a global sense rather than on a basis of individual documents and Web pages that contain certain keywords, and users request to know how the things, that are not obviously related, are related and how some have impacts over the others.

Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, CUHK