Prof. WONG, Kam Fai 黃 錦 輝 教授

Prof. WONG, Kam Fai 黃 錦 輝 教授
BSc, PhD (The University of Edinburgh)

Research Interests :

* Chinese Information
* Databases
* Information Retrieval

Office: Room 510, William M.W. Mong
Engineering Building
Tel: (852) 3943-8332

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K.F. Wong obtained his Ph.D. from Edinburgh University, Scotland, in 1987. He was a post doctoral researcher in Heriot-Watt University (Scotland), UniSys (Scotland) and ECRC (Germany). At present, he is Professor in the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). In parallel, he serves as the Associate Dean (External Affairs) of Engineering, the Director of the Centre for Innovation and Technology (CINTEC), and Associate Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship (CfE), CUHK. He serves as the President of Asian Federation of Natural Language Processing (AFNLP, 2015-2016), President of the Governing Board of Chinese Language Computer Society CLCS (2015-2017). Also, he was the President of Hong Kong Information Technology Joint Council (2007-2014) and the Vice President of VLDB School China (2005-2013).

His research interest focuses on Chinese computing, database and information retrieval. He has published over 250 technical papers in these areas in different international journals and conferences and books. He is a member of the ACM, Senior Member of IEEE as well as Fellow of BCS (UK), IET (UK) and HKIE. He is the founding Editor-In-Chief of ACM Transactions on Asian Language Processing (TALIP), and serves as associate editor of International Journal on Computational Linguistics and Chinese Language Processing. He is the Chair of Conference Co-Chair of NDBC2016 (SZ), BigComp2016 (HK), NLPCC2015 (Nancheng) and IJCNLP2011 (Thailand); the Finance Chair SIGMOD2007 (BJ); and the PC Co-chair of lJCNLP2006 (Jeju). Also he is a Programme Committee member of many international conferences. He was awarded by the HKSAR Government Medal of Honour (MH) for his contribution to information technology development in Hong Kong in 2011, by the Shenzhen Innovation technology Council “Virtual University Campus Outstanding Project Investigator Honor Certificate” and by the Hong Kong Scout Association, the Medal of Long Services in 2013.

Selected Publications


Wong, K.F., Wenjie Li, Ruifeng Xu and W. Gao, “Social Media Analysis: NLP and Beyond”, World Scientific Publishing Co, 2017. (ISBN: 978-981-3223-60-8)

JOURNAL PAPERS (2018-2019)

Ho Chung Wu, Robert W. P. Luk, Kam-Fai Wong, Jian-Yun Nie: Binary Independence Language Model in a Relevance Feedback Environment. International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering 29(6): 873-895 (2019)

Jaydeep Balakrishnan, Chun Hung Cheng, Kam-Fai Wong, Kwan-Ho Woo: Product recommendation algorithms in the age of omnichannel retailing – An intuitive clustering approach. Computers & Industrial Engineering 115: 459-470 (2018)

Jing Li, Yan Song, Zhongyu Wei, Kam-Fai Wong: A Joint Model of Conversational Discourse and Latent Topics on Microblogs. Computational Linguistics 44(4) (2018)



Tengjiao Wang, Binyang Li, Wei Chen, Yuxiao Zhang, Ying Han, Jinzhong Niu, Kam-Fai Wong: An Environment-Aware Market Strategy for Data Allocation and Dynamic Migration in Cloud Database. ICDE 2019: 2032-2035

Jing Ma, Wei Gao, Kam-Fai Wong: Detect Rumors on Twitter by Promoting Information Campaigns with Generative Adversarial Learning. WWW 2019: 3049-3055

Dingmin Wang, Gabriel Pui Cheong Fung, Maxime Debosschere, Shichao Dong, Jia Zhu, Kam-Fai Wong: A New Benchmark and Evaluation Schema for Chinese Typo Detection and Correction. AAAI 2018: 8169-8170

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Jing Ma, Wei Gao, Kam-Fai Wong: Rumor Detection on Twitter with Tree-structured Recursive Neural Networks. ACL (1) 2018: 1980-1989

Baolin Peng, Xiujun Li, Jianfeng Gao, Jingjing Liu, Kam-Fai Wong: Deep Dyna-Q: Integrating Planning for Task-Completion Dialogue Policy Learning. ACL (1) 2018: 2182-2192

Baolin Peng, Xiujun Li, Jianfeng Gao, Jingjing Liu, Yun-Nung Chen, Kam-Fai Wong: Adversarial Advantage Actor-Critic Model for Task-Completion Dialogue Policy Learning. ICASSP 2018: 6149-6153

Binyang Li, Jun Xiang, Le Chen, Xu Han, Xiaoyan Yu, Ruifeng Xu, Tengjiao Wang, Kam-Fai Wong: The UIR Uncertainty Corpus for Chinese: Annotating Chinese Microblog Corpus for Uncertainty Identification from Social Media. LREC 2018

Xingshan Zeng, Jing Li, Lu Wang, Nicholas Beauchamp, Sarah Shugars, Kam-Fai Wong: Microblog Conversation Recommendation via Joint Modeling of Topics and Discourse. NAACL-HLT 2018: 375-385

Chuang Fan, Qinghong Gao, Jiachen Du, Lin Gui, Ruifeng Xu, Kam-Fai Wong: Convolution-based Memory Network for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis. SIGIR 2018: 1161-1164

Jing Ma, Wei Gao, Kam-Fai Wong: Detect Rumor and Stance Jointly by Neural Multi-task Learning. WWW (Companion Volume) 2018: 585-593Selected Publications

Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, CUHK