Information Systems Laboratory (Key Laboratory of High Confidence Software Technologies)


This laboratory supports research and teaching in all aspects in information processing and management.

The scope includes effective information retrieval and management, efficient data organization and storage, automated knowledge discovery and machine learning, intelligent analysis and reasoning, as well as friendly access and timely delivery techniques.  A major goal is to facilitate sophisticated decision making for enterprise operations and management. The laboratory also provides the state-of-the-art facilities offering excellent support for conducting cutting edge research and developing industrial-strength projects.

To achieve the goal, the laboratory investigates both basic and applied research issues including but not limited to: intelligent information retrieval, natural language processing (Chinese and English), data mining and text mining, knowledge discovery and automated reasoning, machine learning, multimedia information processing, and text mining for financial applications.


This laboratory investigates both basic and applied research issues including:

  • intelligent information retrieval
  • natural language processing (Chinese and English)
  • data mining and text mining
  • knowledge discovery and automated reasoning
  • machine learning
  • multimedia information processing
  • text mining for financial applications


  •   Prof. WONG, Kam Fai
  •   Prof. LAM, Wai
  •   Prof. YU, Xu Jeffrey
  •   Prof. MENG, Mei Ling Helen
  •   Prof. CAI, Xiaoqiang