Prof. LUM, Yu Sun, Vincent 林 耀 燊 教授

Prof. LUM, Yu Sun Vincent 林 耀 燊 教授

Prof. LUM, Yu Sun, Vincent 林 耀 燊 教授
Emeritus Professor
BASc (University of Toronto)
MSc (University of Washington)
PhD (University of Illinois)

Research Interests :
* Architecture and Design
* Database Management Systems
* Data Structure and Organization
* Information Retrieval
* Information Systems
* Office Automation
* Systems Analysis
* User Interface


Lum Yu Sun received his Bachelor degree from the University of Toronto in 1960, the Master degree from the University of Washington in 1961, and the PhD degree from the University of Illinois in 1966. Since 1991 he has been with The Chinese University of Hong Kong as a full professor where he was the founding Chairman of the Systems Engineering and Engineering Management Department, from 1991-1996. Prior to that he was with the Computer Science Department of the Naval Postgraduate School of Monterey, California, where he served as Professor and Chairman of the Department. Before joining the Naval Postgraduate School he spent 25 years with the IBM Company, most of the time in the Research Division where he initiated and managed a number of well known research projects on information analysis and organization, systems analysis and design, database systems, office automation, and information retrieval. He is active in professional activities, being former chairmen of two IEEE Computer Society Technical Committees, and an associate editor for several renowned technical journals, and an organizer, chairman, program chairman, etc. for many well known international conferences. The holder of many grants, the author of many original research papers, and the speaker of numerous seminars and lectures worldwide, he has been working on projects relating to Chinese processing and integrating local culture into software systems since joining The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Professor Lum retired from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1997 and became Emeritus Professor in 1998.


Selected Publications

X. Cai, V.Y. Lum and J.M.T. Chan, “Scheduling about a common due date with job-dependent asymmetric earliness and tardiness penalties”, European Journal of Operational Research, 98, 154-168, 1997.

K.P. Wong and V. Y. Lum, “Approximate retrieval of multimedia objects with natural language queries”, Visual 96 Information Systems, the First International Conference on Visual Information Systems, Melbourne, 1996.

V. Y. Lum, F.W. Lee and S.K. Lee, “A query interface truly for Chinese users”, 4th International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications (DASFAA), Singapore, 1995.

V.Y. Lum and S. Zhang, “A Chinese database management system interface”, Journal of Chinese Information Processing, 8, 2, 1994.

V.Y. Lum, K.F. Wong and G.C.K. Lam, “Chiqi-an unconventional Chinese database query language”, 1994 International Conference on Computer Processing of Oriental Languages (ICCPOL94), Taejon, S.Korea, 69-74, 1994.