Dr. HO, Sin Cheung 何 倩 璋 博 士

Dr. HO, Sin Cheung 何 倩 璋 博 士

Dr. HO, Sin Cheung 何 倩 璋 博 士
Senior Lecturer
BSc, MSc (University of Stavanger)
PhD (University of Bergen)

Research Interests :
* Bike sharing
* Vehicle routing
* Transportation
* Logistics
* Metaheuristics

Office: Room 705, William M.W. Mong
Engineering Building
Tel: (852) 3943-3089
Email: sinho@se.cuhk.edu.hk

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Sin C. Ho received her PhD degree from the Department of Informatics, University of Bergen in Norway. Her research is within the development of mathematical models and solution algorithms for decision problems in the areas of transportation and logistics. Before joining CUHK, she has held a faculty position at Aarhus University in Denmark for several years.

Selected Publications

Liu, Y., Szeto, W. Y. and Ho, S. C., “A static free-floating bike repositioning problem with multiple heterogeneous vehicles, multiple depots, and multiple visits”, Transportation Research Part C, 92: 208-242, 2018.

Ho, S. C., Szeto, W. Y., Kuo, Y. H., Leung, J. M. Y., Petering, M. and Tou, T. W. H., “A survey of dial-a-ride problems: Literature review and recent developments”, Transportation Research Part B, 111: 395-421, 2018.

Ho, S. C. and Szeto, W. Y., “A hybrid large neighborhood search for the static multi-vehicle bike-repositioning problem”, Transportation Research Part B, 95: 340-363, 2017.

Szeto, W. Y., Liu, Y. and Ho, S. C., “Chemical reaction optimization for solving a static bike repositioning problem”, Transportation Research Part D, 47: 104-135, 2016.

Ho, S. C. and Szeto, W. Y., “Solving a static repositioning problem in bike-sharing systems using iterated tabu search”, Transportation Research Part E, 69: 180-198, 2014.

Szeto, W. Y., Wu, Y. and Ho, S. C., “An artificial bee colony algorithm for the capacitated vehicle routing problem”, European Journal of Operational Research, 215(1): 126-135, 2011.

Ho, S. C. and Leung, J. M. Y., “Solving a manpower scheduling problem for airline catering using metaheuristics”, European Journal of Operational Research, 202(3): 903-921, 2010.

Haugland, D., Ho, S. C. and Laporte, G., “Designing delivery districts for the vehicle routing problem with stochastic demands”, European Journal of Operational Research, 180(3): 997-1010, 2007.