SEEM Mission Statement

To create and disseminate knowledge and technologies of systems engineering and engineering management for the ever-changing society – by extracting intelligence from massive data and modelling human behaviour to derive managerial insights and make optimal decisions in complex environments

The scope of our work covers:

  • Financial Engineering: modelling, data analysis and decision making for financial services, risk management and financial regulations
  • Information Systems: data-intensive computing for information exchange and intelligence extraction to enable better decision-making and execution for complex systems in our changing society
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management: develop models and methodologies to manage  material, financial and information flow for improving efficiency and sustainability of supply chain operations
  • Operations Research: develop cutting-edge tools and methodologies that underpin intelligent decisions in complex systems and modern services
  • Service Engineering and Management: develop quantitative decision-making tools and methodologies for smooth, agile and resilient operations in data-intensive service systems such as finance, healthcare and logistics