Prof. SO, Man Cho Anthony 蘇 文 藻 教授

BSE (Princeton University)
MSc, PhD (Stanford University)

Research Interests :
 * Algorithm Design
 * Data Analytics
 * Optimization

Office :  Room 604, William M.W. Mong
             Engineering Building
Tel      :  (852) 3943-8477
Email  :

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Anthony Man-Cho So received his BSE degree in Computer Science from Princeton University with minors in Applied and Computational  Mathematics, Engineering and Management Systems, and German Language and Culture. He then received his MSc degree in Computer Science and his PhD degree in Computer Science with a PhD minor in Mathematics from Stanford University. Dr. So joined The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in 2007. He currently serves as Associate Dean of Student Affairs in the Faculty of Engineering and is Professor in the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management. His recent research focuses on the interplay between optimization theory and various areas of algorithm design, such as computational geometry, machine learning, signal processing, and algorithmic game theory.
Dr. So currently serves on the editorial boards of Journal of Global Optimization, Optimization Methods and Software, and SIAM Journal on Optimization. He has also served on the editorial boards of IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing (2012-2016) and Mathematics of Operations Research (2012-2015). Dr. So has received a number of research and teaching awards, including the 2016-17 CUHK Research Excellence Award, the 2015 IEEE Signal Processing Society Signal Processing Magazine Best Paper Award, the 2014 IEEE Communications Society Asia-Pacific Outstanding Paper Award, the 2010 Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) Optimization Society Optimization Prize for Young Researchers, and the 2010 CUHK Young Researcher Award, as well as the 2013 CUHK Vice-Chancellor's Exemplary Teaching Award, the 2011, 2013, 2015 CUHK Faculty of Engineering Dean's Exemplary Teaching Award, and the 2008 CUHK Faculty of Engineering Exemplary Teaching Award. He also co-authored with his student a paper that receives the Best Student Paper Award at the 19th IEEE International Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications (SPAWC 2018).


Selected Publications

S. X.-Y. Ni, A. M.-C. So. Mixed-Integer Semidefinite Relaxation of Joint Admission Control and Beamforming: An SOC-Based Outer Approximation Approach with Provable Guarantees. Proceedings of the 19th IEEE International Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications (SPAWC 2018), 2018.
H. Liu, A. M.-C. So, W. Wu. Quadratic Optimization with Orthogonality Constraint: Explicit Łojasiewicz Exponent and Linear Convergence of Retraction-Based Line-Search and Stochastic Variance-Reduced Gradient Methods. Accepted for publication in Mathematical Programming, Series A, 2018.
M.-C. Yue, Z. Zhou, A. M.-C. So. A Family of Inexact SQA Methods for Non-Smooth Convex Minimization with Provable Convergence Guarantees Based on the Luo-Tseng Error Bound Property. Accepted for publication in Mathematical Programming, Series A, 2018.
Z. Zhou, A. M.-C. So. A Unified Approach to Error Bounds for Structured Convex Optimization Problems. Mathematical Programming, Series A, 165(2): 689-728, 2017.
W.-K. Ma, J. Pan, A. M.-C. So, T.-H. Chang. Unraveling the Rank-One Solution Mystery of Robust MISO Downlink Transmit Optimization: A Verifiable Sufficient Condition via a New Duality Result. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 65(7): 1909-1924, 2017.
G. Wang, A. M.-C. So, Y. Li, “Robust Convex Approximation Methods for TDOA-Based Localization under NLOS Conditions”, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 64(13):3281-3296, 2016 
A. Lemon, A. M.-C. So, Y. Ye, “Low-Rank Semidefinite Programming: Theory and Applications”, Foundations and Trends in Optimization 2(1-2): 1-156, 2016.
K.-Y. Wang, A. M.-C. So, T.-H. Chang, W.-K. Ma, C.-Y. Chi, “Outage Constrained Robust Transmit Optimization for Multiuser MISO Downlinks: Tractable Approximations by Conic Optimization”, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 62(21): 5690-5705, 2014.
S. X. Wu, W.-K. Ma, A. M.-C. So, “Physical-Layer Multicasting by Stochastic Transmit Beamforming and Alamouti Space-Time Coding”, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 61(17): 4230-4245, 2013.
S.-S. Cheung, A. M.-C. So, K. Wang, “Linear Matrix Inequalities with Stochastically Dependent Perturbations and Applications to Chance-Constrained Semidefinite Optimization”, SIAM Journal on Optimization 22(4): 1394-1430, 2012.

A. M.-C. So, “Deterministic Approximation Algorithms for Sphere Constrained Homogeneous Polynomial Optimization Problems”, Mathematical Programming, Series B, 129(2): 357-382, 2011.

A. M.-C. So, “Moment Inequalities for Sums of Random Matrices and Their Applications in Optimization”, Mathematical Programming, Series A, 130(1): 125-151, 2011.

Y. J. Zhang, A. M.-C. So, “Optimal Spectrum Sharing in MIMO Cognitive Radio Networks via Semidefinite Programming”, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 29(2): 362-373, 2011.

Z.-Q. Luo, W.-K. Ma, A. M.-C. So, Y. Ye, S. Zhang, “Semidefinite Relaxation of Quadratic Optimization Problems”, IEEE Signal Processing Magazine 27(3): 20-34, 2010.

A. M.-C. So, J. Zhang, Y. Ye, “Stochastic Combinatorial Optimization with Controllable Risk Aversion Level”, Mathematics of Operations Research 34(3): 522-537, 2009.

A. M.-C. So, Y. Ye, J. Zhang, “A Unified Theorem on SDP Rank Reduction”, Mathematics of Operations Research 33(4): 910-920, 2008.

A. M.-C. So, Y. Ye, “Theory of Semidefinite Programming for Sensor Network Localization”, Mathematical Programming,Series B, 109: 367-384, 2007.