Prof. LONG, Zhuoyu, Daniel 龍 卓 瑜 教授

Prof. LONG, Zhuoyu, Daniel 龍 卓 瑜 教授
Associate Professor
BS (Tsinghua University)
MSc (Chinese Academy of Science)
PhD (National University of Singapore)

Research Interests :
* Supply chain risk management
* Project management
* Inventory control
* Target-based risk management
* Robust optimization

Office: Room 605, William M.W. Mong Engineering Building
Tel: (852) 3943-8330


Daniel Z. Long received his bachelor degree from Tsinghua University in 2005, the master degree from Chinese Academy of Science in 2008, and the Ph.D. degree from the Department of Decision Sciences, National University of Singapore in 2013. His current research revolves around the aspect of decision criteria for two classical operations research problems—inventory management and project management. His paper “Managing Operational and Financing Decisions to Meet Consumption Targets” received the second prize in the 2013 POMS-HK student paper competition.


Selected Publications

D. Z. Long, J. Qi, “Distributionally Robust Discrete Optimization with Entropic Value at Risk”, Operations Research Letter, 42(8): 532-538, 2014. (link)

L. G. Chen, D. Z. Long, G. Perakis, “The Impact of a Target on Newsvendor Decisions”, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 17(1): 78-86, 2015.(link)

N. G. Hall, D. Z. Long, J. Qi, M. Sim, “Managing Underperformance Risk in Project Portfolio Selection”, Operations Research, 63(3): 660-675, 2015.(link)

L. G. Chen, D. Z. Long, M. Sim, “On Dynamic Decision Making to Meeting Consumption Targets”, Operations Research, 63(5): 1117-1130, 2015.(link)

X. Chen, D. Z. Long, J. Qi. “Preservation of Supermodularity in Parametric Optimization: Necessary and Sufficient Conditions on Constraint Structures”. Accepted by Operations Research. (pdf)

A. J. Conejo, N. G. Hall, D. Z. Long, R. Zhang. “Robust Capacity Planning for Project Management”. Accepted by INFORMS Journal on Computing. (pdf)

Working Papers

Z. Cui, D. Z. Long, J. Qi, L. Zhang. “Inventory Routing Problem under Uncertainty”. Under review. (pdf)

D. Z. Long, J. Qi, A. Zhang. “Supermodularity in Two-Stage Distributionally Robust Optimization”. Under review. (link)

D. Z. Long, M. Sim, M. Zhou. “The DAO of Robustness”. Under review. (link)

Research Grants

National Natural Science Foundation of China – General Program: “The Role of Supermodularity in Robust Optimization: Theory and Its Application in Supply Chain Management”, 2020-2023, PI.

RGC General Research Fund: “Target-Oriented Distributionally Robust Optimization and Its Application”, 2019-2022, PI

CUHK Direct Allocation Grant: “M/M/1/N Service Systems with Balking”, 2019-2022, PI.

RGC General Research Fund: “Preservation of Supermodularity in General Parametric Optimization Problems and its Applications in Operations Management”, 2015-2018, PI.

RGC Early Career Scheme: “Dynamic Decision Making with the Objective in Meeting Profit Targets”, 2014-2017, PI.

CUHK Direct Allocation Grant: “Managing Inventory and Pricing Decisions based on Limited Demand Information”, 2013-2015, PI.

Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, CUHK