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Major pillars of the Hong Kong economy are related to services such as finance, professional services, medicine, education and logistics. Those service systems are complex systems in which specific arrangements of people and technologies take actions that provide value for others. Systems are designed and built to provide and sustain services, yet because of their complexity and size, operations do not always go smoothly, and all interactions and results cannot be anticipated. As a result, systems engineers are trained to develop quantitative decision-making tools and methodologies for smooth, agile and resilient operations in data-intensive service systems such as finance, healthcare, and logistics.

Financial Digital Library

J. Yu, C.C. Yang and W. LamThe Financial Digital Library being developed contains annual reports, financial news articles, and government documents that allows users from different places to access and search for the information they need based on concept...

Integration of OLAP and Multidimensional Inter Transaction Mining

J. YuToday’s markets are much more competitive and dynamic than ever before. Business enterprises prosper or fail according to the sophistication and speed of their information systems, and their ability to analyse and synthesize information using t...

Knowledge Discovery

W. Lam, H. Meng and J. YuThis project focuses on automated or semi-automated learning from data and texts, and the transformation of learned theories into some knowledge representation formalisms. We expect to develop the theory and techniques for partial...
Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, CUHK