Message from the Head of Graduate Division

LAM, Wai 林 偉 教 授

Postgraduate education lays the cornerstone for both personal and societal success.  Our Graduate Division contributes to the mission of boosting Hong Kong’s competitive edge in both fundamental and applied research by offering a wide spectrum of programmes to educate and train a distinguished cadre of academic and technology leaders in the 21st century.

Established in 1991, the Systems Engineering and Engineering Management Department (SEEM) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong is the first of its kind in tertiary educational institutes in Hong Kong.  In contrast to the traditional engineering disciplines that focus on product manufacturing, SEEM emphasizes the engineering of decisions and solutions.  Centring around four focal areas: Engineering Management, Financial Engineering, Information Systems and Operations Research, the Graduate Division’s education and research programmes embrace new technologies and interdisciplinary possibilities.  Underlying all these is the common theme of developing and applying engineering and information technologies to decision making and problem-solving in complex systems such as business industry and the public sector.

The Division currently offers programmes leading to degrees of Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Master of Science (MSc) in Systems Engineering and Engineering Management and Master of Science (MSc) in E-Commerce and Logistics Technologies.  Both the M.Phil. and the Ph.D. programmes are research-oriented while the MSc programmes are course-based.  Starting from 2004/05, exceptional candidates with bachelor degree may apply directly for the Ph.D. programme.  The Division takes pride in upholding a top-notch selectivity in its postgraduate admissions as well as in maintaining a high standard of training its students.  This is made possible by virtue of a host of  energetic and dynamic faculty members working on innovative and cutting-edge research projects.  Together with various supports ranging from international conference grants, word-class visitor programmes, to high-end computing facilities, our students are exposed to the frontlines of their respective fields.  As a result, our graduates are highly competitive.

The MSc programme in SEEM is a taught programme incepted in 1997.  It is designed to offer a well-rounded education to engineering professionals who aspire to take up more management responsibilities, as well as to management professionals who wish to acquire latest engineering technologies.  Over the years this programme has established reputation and gained popularity in the community, and has been attracting high quality students among a competitive pool of applicants.  The MSc programme in E-Commerce and Logistics Technologies was established in 2000, first as a master degree part-time taught programme offered at the engineering faculty of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  Since 2007, the programme has been under the management of the Division of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management.

To know more about our Division, I invite you to find more information in the following pages.  I welcome you to join our family concentrating on achieving academic excellence of international standard.

Prof. Lam, Wai
Head, Graduate Division
Department of Systems Engineering & Engineering Management