Course Requirements

  • Lecture Courses 
    Each student is required to complete at least 1 graduate course with a total of 3 units during the post-candidacy stage, subject to the approval of his/her supervisor and the Division Head. Undergraduate courses (Coded 4000 or below) cannot be used to fulfil this requirement. With the approval of the Division, a student may choose to complete this course requirement during his/her pre-candidacy stage.
  • Thesis Research Courses
    Each student must register for a Thesis Research Course every term throughout his/her study period.
  • Other courses or requirements
    Each Ph.D. student is required to give an oral presentation on his/her research progress each year before his/her Thesis Advisory Committee and submit a research report during his/her normative period of study.
  • Thesis and Oral Defence 
    Each student is required to submit a thesis and pass the oral defence of the thesis for graduation.
Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, CUHK