Ph.D. Stream : Pre-candidacy

Candidacy Requirements

  • Lecture Courses
    (Applicable to students admitted in 2022-23 and thereafter)
    Subject to the approval of a Ph.D. student’s supervisor and the Division Head, the student is required to complete at least 6 courses with a total of 18 units to fulfill the overall PhD coursework requirement. Among the 6 courses, at least 4 courses with a total of 12 units are required to be completed during the pre-candidacy stage, including at least 1 faculty core course. To satisfy the faculty core course requirement, students must achieve at least a grade B in the course. Otherwise, the course will only be counted as an elective.
  • Thesis Research Courses 
    Each Ph.D. student must register for the relevant Thesis Research Course in every term throughout his/her study period.
  • Candidacy Examination 
    Each Ph.D. student is required to pass a written candidacy examination within the maximum period of his/her pre-candidacy stage for the advancement to his/her post-candidacy stage. The purpose of this examination is to test the student’s basic knowledge and understanding in the SEEM discipline.
  • Other courses or requirements 
    Each Ph.D. student must complete the seminar courses in his/her first year of study. In addition, each Ph.D. student is required to give an oral presentation on his/her research progress each year before his/her Thesis Advisory Committee and submit a research report during his/her normative period of study.
  • Thesis proposal and oral defence 
    Each Ph.D. student is required to submit a written thesis proposal and pass the oral defence of the proposal within the maximum period of his/her pre-candidacy stage.
  • Ph.D Candidacy Examination  (Logon with SEEM user account)