SEEM3650/ ESTR3516

CodeCourse OfferingSEEM3650/ ESTR3516
TitleLong Course TitleFundamentals in Decision and Data Analytics決策與數據分析
OverviewLong Description This course introduces the basic concepts of decision and data analytics from a statistical and probability view. Topics include linear regression, classification, sampling techniques, model selection, decision trees, principal component analysis, clustering, and their applications in decision making.訊息系統的基本要素、其概念及相互關係。數據庫系該科從統計和概率的角度介紹決策與數據分析,內容包括線性回歸,分類,抽樣,模型選擇,決策樹,主成分分析,聚類,以及其在決策分析中的應用。