Faculty Core Courses

Faculty core courses
ENGG 5101Advanced Computer Architecture
ENGG 5103Techniques for Data Mining
ENGG 5104Image Processing and Computer Vision
ENGG 5105Computer and Network Security
ENGG 5106Information Retrieval and Search Engines
ENGG 5108Big Data Analysis
ENGG 5189Advanced Artificial Intelligence
ENGG 5202Pattern Recognition
ENGG 5281Advanced Microwave Engineering
ENGG 5282Nanoelectronics
ENGG 5291Fiber Optics: Principles and Technologies
ENGG 5301Information Theory
ENGG 5302Random Processes
ENGG 5303Advanced Wireless Communications
ENGG 5383Applied Cryptography
ENGG 5392Lightwave System Technologies
ENGG 5402Advanced Robotics
ENGG 5403Linear System Theory and Design
ENGG 5404Micromachining and Microelectromechanical Systems
ENGG 5405Theory of Engineering Design
ENGG5501Foundations of Optimization
ENGG5601Principles of Biomechanics and Biomaterials
ENGG 5781Matrix Analysis and Computations