M.Phil.–Ph.D. Programme : Graduate Courses

An M.Phil. student in this Division is required to take at least 4 courses with a total of 12 units. A Ph.D. student is required to take at least 6 courses with a total of 18 units. Among the 6 courses, at least 4 courses with a total of 12 units are required to be completed during the pre-candidacy stage, including at least 1 faculty core course. Moreover, a Ph.D. student  must fulfil the candidacy requirements within the maximum period of his/her pre-candidacy stage before the advancement to the post-candidacy stage. In addition, all M.Phil. and Ph.D. students must register for the Research for Thesis course (SEEM8003, SEEM8006 & SEEM8012). Exemption to any of the above requirements must be approved by the Division Head on a case-by-case basis. 

Course List for M.Phil.–Ph.D. Programme

The courses offered for M.Phil.–Ph.D. Programme are grouped under 4 areas.

Presentation and Seminar Requirements
An M.Phil. or a Ph.D. student is required to give a presentation on his/her research progress each year before his/her Thesis Advisory Committee and submit a research report during his/her normative period of study. In addition, he/she must register for one year of SEEM seminar prior to graduation.

Seminars in Systems Engineering and Engineering Management
Students are required to attend all seminars during the term : 

  • SEEM5201 Seminars in SE&EM (I)
  • SEEM5202 Seminars in SE&EM (II)

Thesis Research
A student is required to meet with his/her supervisor regularly who provides necessary guidance and supervision to write up a thesis and monitors the student’s academic progress. (Please refer to Postgraduate Student Handbook)

  •     SEEM8003 Thesis Research
  •     SEEM8006 Thesis Research
  •     SEEM8012 Thesis Research