Wilson Lee, SEEM 2014 Class

Wilson Lee, Hankyu Hanshin Express

Name:        Wilson Lee

Programme:    SEEM 2014 Class

Company:    Hankyu Hanshin Express

My internship experience was unique and rewarding. Working in a logistics company helped me understand the real practice of logistics operations a lot better. I would really thank the department for making such an exclusive arrangement for SEEM students.

I worked in Hankyu Hanshin’s warehouse in Interlink, a warehousing complex situated near the Kwai Tsing Container Terminal No.9. It was great to work in such a huge warehouse dealing with tons of goods everyday. Co-ordinating the manpower in the warehouse is really a very practical skill that cannot be acquired at school, but it’s essential for a logistics practitioner.

Combining the practical skills obtained from the internship with my past experience in the logistics team of a leading engineering consulting firm, I am confident and well-prepared for stepping into the industry.

Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, CUHK