Liang Fang, M.Sc. ECLT 2012 Graduate

Liang Fang, BMT Asia Pacific

Name:         Liang Fang

Programme:    M.Sc. ECLT 2012 Graduate

Company:     BMT Asia Pacific

I started my internship in BMT Asia Pacific in February 2012. I took  internship because I wanted to enhance my hands-on experience in the business world and my communication skills. Therefore, at the beginning of my internship I told my lecturer in charge that I really wanted to learn more and I would work hard on my job.

Since BMT is a global consulting firm, I have learnt a lot during my internship. I started with tasks like data collection, information researching from which I learnt some useful information channels.

When I was free, I had chances to read some project reports written by full time colleagues . I  learnt – their way of thinking and writing styles. After I had grasped the basic understanding about the project in which I was involved, I started making cold calls to different Asian countries which was the most thrilling part of my internship. This cold call experience has made me more confident in talking with others. Apart from the works  mentioned above, I also assisted in organizing workshops for projects and I had a chance to meet business leaders in logistics industry. They shared their views about the logistics industry in Hong Kong and how they face the current situation.  I was also given a chance to draft some parts of project reports after I had learnt by myself how to write a report in BMT format.

After this wonderful internship, I have gained more than I expected. From this internship, I met a lot of excellent colleagues. I am now more confident of the business world and to begin my new journey in Finland. I wish everyone of you can enjoy your school years in Hong Kong. It is a nice place to be there and learn!

Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, CUHK