Grace Chow, M.Sc. SEEM 2008 Graduate

Grace Chow, HSBC

Name:         Grace Chow

Programme:    M.Sc. SEEM 2008 Graduate

Company:    HSBC

Studying in SEEM at CUHK has become one of my happiest time. Through this 3-years course, I have learnt programming techniques, logical thinking, and most importantly the cooperation skills of working with people in the business.

I started my career in HSBC working as a System Analyst Programmer. I was responsible for project development and  supporting issues. SEEM trained me to be able to adapt quickly to a new environment. In the business world, you are always expected to complete every task in a very tight schedule.

As I moved on to be a Senior IT Officer, I needed to take the tasks of both a coordinator and a developer. It’s challenging to work with different parties, but it’s fascinating to have project completed successfully. It requires a good combination of communication , coordination and interpersonal skills, with which SEEM already provided  me.

I would like to conclude that SEEM is a good choice for your personal growth and future career as well.

Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, CUHK