Hugo Chu , SEEM 2013 Class

Hugo Chu, JP Morgan

Name:         Hugo Chu

Programme:    SEEM 2013 Class

Company:     JP Morgan

Working at the technology group of a global investment bank requires both high quality of work and speedy delivery of results– this is the truth I genuinely realized during my internship at J.P Morgan. I was assigned to the Equity Derivatives Group – Rapid Application Development team, which develop light-weight applications on top of gigantic databases using RAD methodology.

Over the last ten years, cutting-edge technologies have completely reshaped the market landscape; from high frequency trading to complex derivatives, the omnipresence of technology in banking has made this industry more dynamic than ever. Increasingly stringent and diverse regulatory requirements in APAC have also put much constraint on the systems we operate – that’s why there is an ongoing effort to change our IT strategy for the next 5 years.

Throughout my internship at J.P. Morgan, I worked with very talented people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. However, what really impressed me most was the amount of trust bestowed upon me – I was given maximum freedom in the design of my software and could escalate issues to senior management should I felt necessary. By the end of the internship, several strategic teams in EMEA and APAC even invited me to present to them the technologies I had used  since they are also interested in them.

It is a culture that encourages honest opinions and rewards hard work; as such, even interns can expect to make an impact. In my opinion, this is the ideal workplace for technology students like me.

Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, CUHK